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TARTU PHILATELIC SOCIETY is voluntary organization of collectors with management in Tartu. TPS is collective member of Estonian Philatelic Society. Organization started in December 1889, after the break activities were restaured in October 1966.

TPS join besides philatelists also philocartists, phonecard collectors, coin collectors, bonists, etc… At moment number of active members is 50. In period from September to June club meetings take place on Mondays. Once in 2 months (earlier period every month) TPS organize fairs of collectors where collectors from other Estonian towns and foreign countries also visit us. TPS members take part in local and international exhibitions with their collections, publish information about collecting, advice non-members, etc…
Everyday work is organised by management. Since 16.sept 2002 members of management are:

Ivo Antonov
haspo@server.ee , 527 5171, Lai 24, TARTU – stamps , old postcards
Hindrik Hiiemäe
5393 5966, P.O. Box 22, 50601 TARTU – coins, banknotes
Jaanus Järs
jaanusjars@hot.ee , 774 1224, EE-49203 Luua – stamps, Estonia 1991-92, phonecards
Tiit Käsper
tmb@hot.ee , 513 2113 – coins, postcards, banknotes, lottery tickets up to 1940
Ralf Lepik
738 1269 – phonecards, stamps

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